Use Pop A Bid to
reach your goals

Raise funds while providing an entertaining and engaging experience to participants anywhere, from the location of their choice

  • A reliable, easy-to-use and affordable online financing tool

  • A more efficient and entertaining solution than a traditional silent auction

  • A platform you can easily use on your own, or with our support if you prefer

Who is Pop A Bid for?

Non-profits, foundations, private companies, individuals and sports teams that want an easy-to-use, quick-to-set up, multilingual online auction solution to reach their fundraising goals

You don't have the time to do it yourself? Take advantage of our turnkey service!

Pop A Bid: On your own
or with our support

Simple to use, the Pop A Bid online platform can be managed by organisations in an autonomous way. It allows clients to set up their own silent auction on the web through a user-friendly interface rather than holding an event in person.

Created in the style of a content management system (CMS), the tool allows administrators to:

  • Create a unique URL link;
  • Customise the auction interface
  • Integrate items for sale; and
  • Insert videos and photos.

The tool also serves to:

  • Manage payments;
  • Broadcast auction activity in real time; and
  • Support the video of a live event if you wish.
For more information

Organisations that wish to do so can obtain consultancy services from the Pop A Bid team to:

  • Add items to the platform;
  • Customise the interface; and
  • Deliver items.

Pop A Bid can also provide a variety of items for auction: autographed items, sports items, electronic items, etc.

Why choose
Pop A Bid?

For you, the client:

  • A stable, easy-to-use digital fundraising tool

  • A scalable solution that gives you peace of mind

  • An experienced philanthropic silent auction and web development team that is skilled and agile

  • One of the only platforms of its kind available in English and French

For users:

  • An entertaining and challenging experience that encourages friendly competition


We are currently putting together packages that offer you a variety of features. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and get a service quote tailored to your needs!

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Who are we?

Pop A Bid is one of the only online auction platforms available in both English and French for organisations across Canada to enjoy. Efficient and functional, it offers clients peace of mind and users an entertaining experience.

The company was founded in the Gaspé, Québec in 2021 when Jacques Gingras and Lawrence Brossard of  Signature Pro (Laval), specialists with more than 20 years of experience in silent auctions, joined forces with Stéphane Hamilton and Martin Duguay of Jolifish (Chandler), experts in web and mobile development.

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